The Benefits of Hotel Manager Jobs

One of the fastest growing career fields today is the hospitality business and that of course, includes hotel management. The fact is, that with currency rates having gone through and still undergoing adjustments, the American Dollar is turning out to be a better deal that it ever was when compared against currencies such as the Euro or the Yen.

This means that the U.S. is now on the receiving end of a new influx of foreign vacationers who have for years longed to visit the U.S. Places like Los Angles, New York Miami and “The Big Easy”, New Orleans are now finding their hotels filed to capacity where only a few years ago they were clamoring for customers.

However; one must bear in mind that being a successful hotel manager takes some level of training and experience. Still one more thing to bear in mind if you are planning on landing a hotel manager job is that you must be able to inspire others and bring out the best of them in the work place.

While on the surface this might seem like an easy thing to do, in fact, it is truly an art form and learning to master it is key to landing a dream hotel manager job. A truly great hotel manager is able to inspire in their employees a yearning to excel and will make them want to do their best to make the hotel where they work as nice a place to visit as possible.

So, if you think that you have what it takes and have a reasonable level of prerequisite experience then now is the best time to begin looking for a great hotel manager job. Of course, the best place to find a great hotel manager job is in a city that is a popular tourist destination but that doesn’t mean that a hotel near you isn’t now hiring.

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The Job Outlook For Art Management Graduates

Art patrons and the casual observer of museums and public art alike often misunderstand the level of work that goes into displaying works of art. After all, it is not as simple as turning on the museum lights and hanging paintings on the wall. Art management professionals often have to perform a multitude of tasks in small nonprofit organizations. The average day of a museum manager or arts organization director is long, starting early with meetings new exhibits and building maintenance concerns. Art managers also have to deal with visiting school groups and large groups of visitors who need tours and information on exhibits. These arts management professionals often have to become experts in accounting, nonprofit management, and grant writing.

Graduates in arts and nonprofit programs throughout the United Kingdom and Europe often have a difficult choice to make after their university days. Careers in the arts are often not lucrative enough or are too competitive for many graduates who need to make a living. As well, paying jobs in the arts can be difficult to find in the first place. However, art graduates who have any interest in staying within their field while determining their own destiny should consider arts management as a career option. Arts management professionals can work with dedicated volunteers, college interns, and limited paid staff in order to put together a great art exhibition for the general public.

Arts management positions require a skills set that embraces the business, artistic, and organizational portions of the profession. Graduates who have a good business acumen, can assemble a rudimentary budget, and understand what is hot among art consumers in the public are often successful in art management. Professionals who understand art history, preservation, and the construction of good art pieces can develop creative exhibits that will draw in new patrons. Time wasted in the arts industry is a major problem, so arts managers need to be organized and prioritize concerns appropriately in order to be successful.

The incentives for arts management positions are largely intrinsic, though money is available to exceptional managers. The average arts manager will make in the mid to upper 20,000 pounds range, though there are bigger art houses and museums that offer lower 30,000 pounds. Depending on the success of the manager’s grant writing department, an art manager can increase the budget to include more paid positions and raises for current staff. Lovers of art flock to arts management positions in order to fulfill their personal desires while earning a decent living.

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Considering Education For Management Jobs

From the time a person starts high school, he or she is reminded constantly of the value of a college education: the opportunities for better jobs and a higher salary are practically at your fingertips. And, not going to college or some form of secondary education? You’ll end up earning thousands of dollars less than someone who earns a bachelor of arts or science. Nevertheless, a college degree is only one part on a path to success, and further education may be needed if, in a few years down the line, you consider applying for a management position.

Essentially, a college degree is the first step to the world of employment. This may be to get your foot in the door to an entry-level position, however. College degrees all involve some kind of communications, problem-solving, and analytics skills – all needed to succeed in the business world – but some degrees, such as a bachelor of science in business, are more specific. This type of degree program introduces the concepts of marketing, finance, and management to many students.

Experience is an important component to many entry-level positions, and students are encouraged to find an internship in a field corresponding to their degree while in school. In some cases, these internships may lead to a job, while, in others, they’re a time to gain experience in an industry.

If you plan to apply to management jobs down the line, having an advanced degree may work in your favor. Although not everyone who earns a bachelor of arts or science goes back to school, many who want to advance may take night or part-time classes to earn an MBA. A master of business administration degree touches on advanced aspects of business, particularly those important to managing a business or department, and includes coursework in accounting, marketing, business communications, and other aspects needed in the corporate world.

A specialized MBA may be needed if you want to advance in certain fields, however. An MBA in international business, for example, has become a popular advanced degree option. Not only will the student learn the advanced business skills associated with an MBA but he or she will also take courses in trade regulations and business etiquette needed for interacting with various overseas nations. As business and client interactions shouldn’t stay exclusive and insular to the United States, a candidate for management should have the skills to interact with those overseas.

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Management Job Descriptions

What do you understand by management? Is it just cake walk? Or is it rocket science? What genre is it? Is it science or art? It is, in fact, both art and science. Management is an art of tailoring the skills of a professional. A manager is capable of handling his/her own career and also takes interest in his team. It is he/she who can nurture and get the best output of the team. The experience is fantastic. It affects the professional life of the individual as the company on the whole.

Before you enter the rat race make sure you know where you are going. One wrong move and you can spoil your career. How to go about understanding your job? Quite simple! A proper job description is what you must follow. It delineates what is expected out of you. According to this description create a CV that is hard-hitting and to the point. Make it accurate along with all the requirements of the employer furnished in details.

Management job descriptions can be of various types as the market is diverse. For example, there are the Asset Managers, General Manager, Manager of Cash, Project, Property, Talent, and many more. With a plethora of options available, you must seek the best role that suits your experience or education. Choose your profile such that you may add to the value of the organization and vice versa. The Cash Management or a General Management is two different profiles. Choose the one that fits your current profile or your educational experience.

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Art Management Career Outlook

Typical Responsibilities

As an overseer, handling and creating routines for the staff must be contrived by the arts management professional before anything else. Having adept communication skills and leadership abilities generates an efficient work ethic. The process of dealing with artists and their work and organizing conventions or exhibits is not an easy task. One must be able to understand the needs of the artist and the opinions of the audience (or buyer) so as to easily convey both parties’ opinions. This also helps to create a gallery exhibit (or convention) that is comfortable for guests and artists alike.

Management of the arts is primarily focused on by art lovers and supporters but it can also be utilized by other business minded people. Indeed, for most arts management professionals tend to become adept practitioners of writing grants and accounting as experience is accumulated over time. One must learn to use business skills to direct art organizations such as studios, museums, or galleries. It is also possible for some studio artists to double as arts management professionals by having administrative skills. One must put in mind the past experience of being managed by others, and consider how one can learn and improve upon them.

Over-all, an arts management professional must be active in the local area, or research a local area in how to proceed socially. One must also be able to handle artwork and know how to produce art exhibits that is either thematic or comfortable to the vicinity of the community. Learning local regulations and laws that affect arts organizations and having an extensive cognition of performance and visual arts is also a basic duty.

Career Areas

Depending on how enthusiastic or socially active an arts management professional can be, the range of this career’s area can possibly be numerous. Most of it would be in museums, non-profit subsidiaries, gallery exhibits, and even in government controlled organizations. One can also open a grant writing department as a private business. It is also highly possible to be hired for entertainment affairs such as comic conventions, video game expos, and multimedia exhibits such as contests for short films, performance art, or local music awards. Arts management professionals also tend to be hired as consultants for movies, documentaries, etc.

Closing the Deal

Art lovers and supporters will always think about taking up the arts management mantle and be a professional in the field. In this era of entertainment and appreciation for multiple mediums of art, there is no lack of career opportunities for the developing arts manager. This art management career outlook will help one to be aware of what is ahead and prepare oneself for the career of a lifetime.

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Art Management Programs

If you have a passion for the visual or dramatic arts, you could have an exciting career by studying arts management. Persons who choose to go into arts management assist in bringing the arts to more people by managing art organizations and institutions such as museums, galleries, and studios.

Obtaining a minimum of a bachelor’s at a college or university usually completes preparation for an arts management career. Students who enter arts management programs should expect to obtain a solid background in business and economics, and learn about challenges and special issues confronting the world of the arts.

The arts management graduate will work directly with artists, museums, and institutions to coordinate and develop programs that promote art, raise funds, handle finances, and implement art education and promotion programs. Some studio art majors may choose to carry double major in arts management in order to learn the business side of the arts in preparation for running their own studio or gallery.

Students seeking admission to an arts management program should have adequate high school educational backgrounds. Some useful classes for the prospective college student include: speech and communication, accounting, advanced placement art history, business, dance, economics, music history, and theater arts.

Many prestigious programs exist for the student to pursue art management. How should the student begin to find the best program? Start by evaluating the schools for which you meet the admission requirements. Then screen the schools to be certain that the institution is properly credentialed and accredited. Next, call the school and inquire about their connections within the art industry. Also inquire about the percentage of graduates who obtain job placements within the art industry following graduation. The percentage should be quite high.

Location of the school is important when considering an art management program. The best opportunities will exist in cities and communities that have a strong focus on the arts. New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., London, and Paris immediately come to mind, but it is also possible to find great opportunities in other communities as well. Choose a location that you think that you would be comfortable ?u?with.

It is vitally important for the art management student to make connections and network while they are pursuing their education. Most art management positions come episode free passes by word or mouth, not by advertisement. Many positions are filled before the student graduates so that there is an almost seamless transition between college and beginning the job. Art professors are a great resource for networking as they usually have many connections and associations within the art world.

Networking is fine, but that alone may not be enough to secure a coveted position. Your may need experience, but how do you obtain experience without having a job? An internship is the perfect solution to this dilemma, so make sure that your school offers an internship before graduation. In short, no one can tell you what program will be best for you, but by applying the tips that you have learned you can be assured that you will have the best possible chance in pursuing your career goals.%0

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